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How To Read By Marcus Garvey

From the pages of Salaam Journal

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How to Read: By Marcus Garvey

How to Read

Use every spare minute you have in reading.

If you are going on a journey that would take you an hour carry something with you to read for that hour until you have reached the place.

If you are sitting down waiting for somebody, have something in your pocket to read until the person comes.

Don’t waste time.

Any time you think you have to waste put it in reading something. Carry with you a small pocket dictionary and study words whilst waiting or travelling, or a small pocket volume on some particular subject. Read through at least one book every week separate and distinct from your newspapers and journals. It will mean that at the end of one year you will have read fifty-two different subjects. After five years you will have read over two hundred and fifty books. You may be considered then a well read man or a well read woman and there will be a great difference between you and the person who has not read one book. You will be considered intelligent and the other person be considered ignorant. You and that person therefore will be living in two different worlds; one the world of ignorance and the other the world of intelligence. Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent.

Your language being English you should study the English language thoroughly. To know the English language thoroughly you ought to be acquainted with Latin, because most of the English words are of Latin origin. It is also advisable that you know the French language because most of the books that you read in English carry Latin and French phrases and words. There is no use reading a page or paragraph of a book or even a sentence without understanding it.

If it has foreign words in it, before you pass over [them] you should go to the dictionary, if you don’t know the meaning and find out the meanin[g]. Never pass over a word without knowing its meaning.The dictionary and the books on word building which can be secured from book sellers will help you greatly.

I know a boy who was ambitious to learn. He hadn’t the opportunity of an early school education because he had to work ten hours a day, but he determined that he would learn and so he took with him to his work place every day a simplified grammar and he would read and me[m]orize passages and the rules of grammar whilst at work. After one year he was almost an expert in the grammar of his language. He knew the differen[t] parts of speech, he could paraphrase, analyse and construct sentences. He also took with him a pocket dictionary and he would write out twenty-five new words with their meanings every day and study these words and their mords [forms?] and their meaning. After one year he had a speaking vocabulary of more than three thousand words. He continued this for several years and when he became a man he had a vocabulary at his command of over fifteen thousand words. He became an author because he could write in his language by having command of words. What he wrote was his experiences and he recorded his experiences in the best words of his language. He was not able to write properly at the same age and so he took with him to work what is called in school a copying book and he practised the copying of letters until he was able to write a very good hand. He naturally became acquainted with literature and so he continued reading extensively. When he died he was one of the greatest scholars the world ever knew. Apply the story to yourself.

Who is Noble Drew Ali?

From the pages of Salaam Journal.Org  Oct 4th, 2006

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Salaam—-In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful——“We, as a clean and pure nation descended from the inhabitants of Africa, do not desire to amalgamate or marry into the families of the pale skin nations of Europe. Neither serve the gods of their religion, because our forefathers are the true and divine founders of the first religious creed, for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth. Therefore we are returning the Chruch and Christianity back to the European Nations, as it was prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation. While we, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation”—Noble Drew Ali—–As-Salaam-Alaikum, Sisters Seneca and Sista_Soul, it is great to hear from you both. Iam very glad to hear from Sista_Soul, it has been awhile, and Sister Seneca you have asked a very good question, “Who Is Drew Ali?”. Concerning two of the forerunners of the Nation Of Islam, namely Mr. Marcus Garvey and Noble Drew Ali, Master W. Fard Muhammad-The Great Mahdi stated that both Mr. Garvey and Drew Ali were “FINE MUSLIMS”.  For the Mahdi HIMSELF to make such a statement about those two men, we need to study the history of them, for there are signs in their history and great wisdom.—Now to answer our Sister’s question. The Noble Drew Ali was born Timothy Drew in 1886 in North Carolina, North America and was killed, many believe, by the newly organized F.B.I. 1929 in Chicago, Il at one of the Chicago’s police stations. Mr. J. Edger Hoover(a 1/2 original, Freemason) hated Black people and worked hard to kill and over turn ANY organization that sought to help free the Black Nation in North America. Noble Drew Ali’s history is very limited, it is believed that he was apart of the entertainment industry at the time, where he meet people from all over the world, he is said to have travel much, learning about our people’s history. It is also believed that he was once a member of the Prince Hall Masons(Black Masons), and there are SOME masonic symbolism in his teachings.—Drew Ali began the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE in Newark, New Jersey in the mid-1900’s, later moving to Chicago, Il. —-What we students of history must do when looking at the actions of our great people, we must study their actions and what was happening during their time. Here, we have a man who was teaching a FORM of Islam in the early days of  20th Century America, a time when whites could OPENLY place News Ads in the paper to tell when a Black Man or Woman was about to be lynched, a time when mudering a Black person on Sunday, after Chruch, was summertime family fun in many White cities in America, not just in the “South” but in the” North” as-well. Continue reading

African Troops in World War 1



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African Troops in World War I
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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.
The Fall of America
CH. 38
3 One party is recorded as a beginning, while the other party is discontinued. We see this clearly being made manifest today. War causes the destruction of civilizations. Wars destroy the cities and towns of a nation. This chapter, 81, of the Holy Qur’an is now being fulfilled.
Message to the Blackman
11 They have never practiced sincere love, according to their own history of war making, robbery, murder and exploitation among themselves. This is clear to you who see and understand.
15 “Behold, I will raise them out of the place where you have sold them and will return our recompence upon your own head”   (Joel 3:7).
16 The slave-masters of our fathers must reap what they have sown. Allah calls them to war in the ninth verse of the same chapter.
17 “Proclaim you among the Gentiles, prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all of the men of war draw near, let them come up” (Joel 3:9).
Message to the Blackman
Ch. 94
2…The love of self and self-respect along with the will to do something for self, if given a chance, will get you the respect of all civilized nations.
As-Salaam Alaikum Continue reading