WE ARE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION:In the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Master Fard Muhammad “God in Person”) I bear witness that He alone is the True and Living God, and I bear witness that the Jesus of Nazareth, the Moses-Like Man, the fulfillment of all of the Prophets and messengers of God is our Leader and Teacher, the Dear Holy Apostle
— Elijah Muhammad.

As-Salaam Alaikum,
I’m so happy that you’ve chosen to look at, study from, voice opinions, browse through, or be apart of this site. It’s been in the making for sometime. I truly Thank You.

We will do our best to keep this site updated. We will do our best to answer all questions be it by letter, phone calls, or emails (In the order they are received).

We feel that this site is what has been missing in the building up of self and brotherly love and National Unity.

For so long other websites, other magazines, and other newspapers/ newsletters have focused solely or mostly on hypocrites bashing. While doing that they lose souls and credibility with those who might otherwise reclaim their own. Don’t get me wrong I think it is right and just, to attack and point out hypocrites, but there is a time and place for everything. We have become a wasteful people wasting what little time we have left (to raise the dead) on people who aren’t even worthy of our attention and recognition.

I want to explain to others in our so-called leadership, that we should checkmate any and everyone who steps out of Messenger Muhammad’s teachings or lies or mis-states his teachings; but what we shouldn’t do is waste precious time and resources on mostly or solely focusing whole sites, whole newsletters, and whole newspapers on the hypocrites. This gives them too much power! This lets them set the agenda! And while you are so wrapped up in bashing them, they are producing for their supporters and followers what you should have been producing. They bring it right before their eyes and say, “Look at what I’ve done.”

An for the unsuspecting, confused, or inquiring people (who would join with us), they go and join on the hypocrite because they are producing something real (how beit to their own destruction), it is still tangible to us, because we are a flashy people and we go where there seems (!!!) to be progression and success.

We are (through our older leadership “not all”) becoming stagnate as a nation. They are now and have been for years choking the life’s breath (divine revelation and guidance) out of the believers of what could and should be a growing nation.

This site is here to help us to breathe and grow again. Our newspaper is here for the same. By Allah’s grace our nation will exhale truth (again).

This is your breath of fresh air that you’ve prayed and hoped for!!!

P. S. this is no knock to the old soldiers. It is meant to help you square up your actions and thoughts and get on board or get left behind. Wait, Wait, Wait… We will wait no more, for success and independence is at our doors knocking. Will you let it in, huh?

We can no longer be content and marvel at our historic past (that is to say), we must now take Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Teachings, his programs, and His example and blaze a future for us today. This we will do…with or without you.

Note: Do not give me titles or praise

Praise (Master Fard Muhammad) for His Messenger.

I send this with an undying Love for You.

Your Brother in the Faith,

Rashid Muhammad

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