The Great Mahdi:The Champion of War is with us!

From Salaam Journal.Org Feb 28th, 2008

Forum Administrator

–” We, the Black People in North America, are called everything but the true names of ourselves. God will soon give you the entire Earth and He will begin HERE IN NORTH AMERICA. This is the country and these are the  people that He will take and send to their Doom. HE WILL DO THIS PRETTY SOON BECAUSE THE DEVIL ACTED SO BRAVE AND MADE MOCKERY OF GOD AND HIS WORK. So  Allah will make him His example for Europe. Europe is going TO FALL LATER………..The Bible says they used to have ships going by sea with loads of valuable merchandise, even men. They sold us as slaves. They went to our homes, took us, brought us over here and sold us between themselves. THIS IS THE WAY OUR FATHERS WERE HANDLED.  Now God wants to deliver you and me and destroy them. FIRST HE BREAKS THEIR POWER TO RULE. HE BRINGS TO NAUGHT THEIR TRADE BETWEEN EACH OTHER. THAT IS GOING ON NOW. Never have you, since you were born, seen a president of this country going over the Earth to the nations of the

Earth, BEGGING THEM TO AGREE WITH HIM IN      ORDER FOR AMERICA TO LIVE LONGER.. ………                                        We may have to fight the devil right here and we want to see Africans do the same in Africa. IF WE HAVE TO DO, WE BOTH WILL CHASE THE SNAKE WHEREVER WE FIND IT. He knows that he CANNOT DESTROY US because we have THE CHAMPION OF WAR WITH US, THE MAHDI, and he WON’T ALLOW them to any effect upon the Black Man in such a way as to annihilate us from the Earth.”—-The Messenger of ALLAH-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh), from THE THEOLOGY OF TIME.——–To-day, every word stated above is NOW coming into action. Study what you just read and you will see the truth of it.—-TO ALLAH BE THE GLORY!!!————ALLAH-U-AKBAR!

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