OUT OF CONTROL COPS DRUNK ON POWER.Caught on tape: Cop assaults 15-year-old special needs student

By Stephen C. Webster
Thursday, October 8th, 2009 — 8:18 pm

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UPDATE (at bottom): Cop who assaulted teen now in jail on rape charge; shot ex-wife’s new husband 24 times in ‘self defense’

For the offense of not having his shirt tucked in, 15-year-old special needs student Marshawn Pitts was slammed into a wall of lockers and pounded repeatedly in the face by a police officer who broke the boy’s nose and bloodied his mouth.

The Dolton, Illinois teen told a local CBS affiliate that the officer was cursing at him as he complied with the order to tuck in his shirt. Then, “it was just like, boom!” he said.

The assault, which took place in May, was recorded on a security camera at the Chicago suburb’s Academy for Learning.

“The academy is a high school for special-needs students who are emotionally disturbed or struggle with behavioral disorders,” noted Chicago Breaking News. “Marshawn was a student there because he suffered brain injuries when he was hit by a car years ago, [family attorney Edward] Manzke said.”

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During the recording, the officer stoops down and places a cup of coffee on the floor, then threw the teen into the lockers before pummeling him and pinning him to the floor in a maneuver known as the “face-down take-down.”

“Zena Naiditch of Equip for Equality, a legal advocacy group that fights for the rights of people with disabilities, looked at the video and said the type of physical restraint used by the officer has killed students,” CBS News reported.

Naiditch added that the hold can be lethal because those trapped by it are left unable to breathe. CBS noted that seven states currently prohibit officers from using the “face-down take-down.”

The officer has not been identified, but due to the filmed evidence of the assault he has been terminated from the force.

Manzke told WBBM News Radio 780 that Marshawn has since transferred to a new school and the family is planning to file a lawsuit.

This video is from CBS 2 in Chicago, broadcast Oct. 7, 2009.

UPDATE: Cop who assaulted teen now in jail on rape charge; shot ex-wife’s new husband 24 times in ‘self defense’

The officer who brutally beat special needs student Marshawn Pitts has been identified as 38-year-old Christopher Lloyd, according to Chicago Breaking News, which spoke to Lloyd’s father.

The news agency reported that Lloyd is currently in jail after being charged with the rape of a woman he knew and is facing a 20-year sentence should he be convicted.

The Chicago Tribune-backed service adds: “A lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Nicole McKinney, last summer alleges he gunned down her new husband Cornel McKinney in front of their children outside their home on the 6100 block of South Langley Avenue on Feb. 17, 2008.”

An autopsy revealed Lloyd shot the man 24 times, the agency found. He was not jailed at the time as Chicago police accepted his explanation that the killing was in self-defense.

Lloyd also reportedly told his father that the boy he was filmed assaulting had a history of behavioral problems and had cursed at him when told to tuck in his shirt.


  1. Who cares if the child swore at him or if there were problems with the child in the past. It’s a freaking specail needs school.
    The cop was a bully who abused his power, there is no, none, nothing nor anything that that child could have done, except pull out a gun that would justify what that racist asshole of a cop did. I really hope he ends up in prison for rape. Toss his butt in with a gang of black men, lets see how he likes it when someone can defend themselves. I guarantee if that were a white boy, he never would have done that. Now as for the child saying he was about to comply with the orders, I don’t believe that, as you can see in the video, the kid says something to the cop as he lifts up the front of his shirt then just let it hang, continued down the hall then the cop goes ape on the kid. That still did not justify the cops behavior, that’s what I don’t get from people all over the internet. Everyone wants to know the other side of the story. What part of there is NO justification for this type of behaviour out of any police officer does the public not get. Why are people so stupid to believe that the kid must of done something wrong. No wonder the world is in the state that it’s in. Falling apart all around us. Shame on anyone for applauding this cop!
    Written by a 43 year old white woman.

  2. My response: WTF is that cop thinking. I don’t care if the kid insulted him in the worse way possible! He sould have reported him to the pricipal. Or he could have walkied him to the office. Cops should NEVER assult ANYONE unless it is true self diffence and their well-being is in danger. Even if the kid threatened him…I repeat TAKE HIM TO THE PRINCIPAL! WHY THE HECK DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE THEM!

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