“Message to the Blackman




1 The stronghold of the American Government is falling to pieces. She has lost her prestige among the nations of the earth. One of the greatest powers of America was her dollar. The loss of such power will bring any nation to weakness, for this is the media of exchange between nations. The English pound and the American dollar have been the power and beckoning light of these two great powers. But when the world went off he gold and silver standard, the financial doom of England and America was sealed.

2 The pound has lost 50 per cent of its value. America=s dollar has lost everything now as power backing for her currency, which was once backed by gold for every $5.00 note and up. All of her currency was backed by silver from a $1.00 note and up.

3 Today, the currency of America is not backed by any sound value, silver or gold. The note today is something that the government declares it will give you the value in return but does not name that value. They definitely are not backing their currency with silver or gold.

4 This is the number one fall, and it is very clear that the loss of the power of the American dollar means the loss of the financial power of America. What will happen, since there is no sound backing for her notes, we do not know.

5 What should we expect even in the next 12 months under the fall of the power of America’s dollar? This means that we have 100 per cent inflation. What could happen under 100 per cent inflation? Your guess is as good as mine. The power of gold and silver was once abundant in America. But the touch of the finger of God against the power of so mighty a nation has now caused the crumbling and fall of America.

6 We can easily and truthfully liken the fall of America to the prophetic symbolic picture given in the (Bible) Revelation of John (18:2). The name Babylon used there does not really say whether it is ancient Babylon or a picture of some future Babylon.

7 The description it gives is as follows: “And he [angel] cried mightily with a strong voice [with authority] saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen and is become the habitation of devils [Allah has declared the people to be a race of devils], and the hole of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” The description here given to the Babylon by the Prophets compares with the present history and people of America and their fall.

8 The picture shows the cause of her fall. First, she had become the habitation of devils, making her a haven for every people that love the works and doings of the devil. Here the Prophet refers to them symbolically, as being a hole of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

9 People are referred to as birds, snakes, beasts, fish and other animals to tell or represent the characteristics of that person. It is universally known that the very beginning of the American people was from the lower class of European people. Their first ruler (President Washington) was a fugitive from England. The common, dissatisfied and lower grade of European people followed and boosted his authority. This filled and inhabited America with a very low-class and low-based people.

10 Then this type of people went into Africa and purchased slaves from among our people, who were also uneducated, most of them, but thee were a few who were highly educated. All of these begin to mix with the low-based, evil-minded, real citizens of the Western Hemisphere (whites). When America began to get strong in power, she opened her doors to the underprivileged (laborers) in overpopulated countries, such as China, Japan and other European states, to seek citizenship in America.

11 This brought America into being one of the most mixed people who were granted the freedom to live any kind of life they chose. They were not forced to serve the God of the Universe who made heaven and earth, or any religion. They had freedom to worship. This made America a haven for any people who wished to be free of the compelling aspects of religious and just rule and authority. This people for the past 500 years has put into practice every evil that is imaginable.

12 The freedom of uncleanliness is granted and is worshiped. The percentage of sexual worship of the same sex is greater than in any other government on the face of the earth. Little children are being taught sex almost from the cradle, making the whole nation, as one man put it, nearly 90 per cent freaks of nature.

13 On the streets of any metropolitan city in America, it is common to see men sweethearting with men and women sweethearting with women. Little boys with boys and little girls with girls.

14 It is so common that a decent family is puzzled as to where to send their children for schooling. There are no all-girl schools as there once were. They are all-girl schools of sweethearts. The same sex falling upon their own. Boys’ colleges are breeding such filthy practices, the jails, prisons, and the Federal Penitentiaries are all breeding dens of homosexuals.

15 As the Prophet says in the 18th chapter: “She is a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” There are types of hateful birds. This is why a symbolic name is given. It means human beings. There are birds of prey and birds that are unclean, such as crows, owls, buzzards and ravens, who live and thrive off the carcasses of others. And there are unclean people living and thriving off the unclean.

16 It is time that God intervenes to bring about an end of such people as the wicked of America. She offers the same filth to all of the civilized people of the earth, and she hates you if you are against her way of life and will threaten you with death as the Sodomites did Lot and his followers. But I say to you, as the 4th verse of Chapter 18 says: You that want to be a better people than this, “come out of her.”

17 The so-called American Negroes are referred to here in the 4th verse as being God’s people (My People): “Come out of her that ye be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues.”

18 This is a call to the American so-called Negroes to give up a doomed, wicked people that have destroyed them from being a people worthy of recognition and who have now become lovers of their enemies and destroyers.

19 The 5th verse tells us that “Her sins have reached into heaven and God has remembered her iniquities and is ready to destroy her.” Her destruction cometh quickly according to the 8th verse, that plagues of death, mourning and famines which cometh in one day (one year) and then after that she shall be destroyed by fire, utterly burned.

20 This is backed up in these words: “Strong is the Lord God who judge her.” Here it gives us a knowledge that He who judges is well able with power, with wisdom and with deliberate and careful maneuvering to give judgment against her.”——-NOW LET US SEE IF THEY SEE AMERICA’S FALL AND WHETHER OR NOT THE DOLLAR IS DECLINING;”Insiders sell like there’s no tomorrow
Corporate officers and directors were buying stock when the market hit bottom. What does it say that they’re selling now?
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Last Updated: September 11, 2009: 7:27 AM ET

Stocks have rallied — but corporate officers and directors are now selling after buying the dip.

NEW YORK (Fortune) — Can hundreds of stock-selling insiders be wrong?

The stock market has mounted an historic rally since it hit a low in March. The S&P 500 is up 55%, as U.S. job losses have slowed and credit markets have stabilized.

But against that improving backdrop, one indicator has turned distinctly bearish: Corporate officers and directors have been selling shares at a pace last seen just before the onset of the subprime malaise two years ago.

While a wave of insider selling doesn’t necessarily foretell a stock market downturn, it suggests that those with the first read on business trends don’t believe current stock prices are justified by economic fundamentals.

“It’s not a very complicated story,” said Charles Biderman, who runs market research firm Trim Tabs. “Insiders know better than you and me. If prices are too high, they sell.”

Biderman, who says there were $31 worth of insider stock sales in August for every $1 of insider buys, isn’t the only one who has taken note. Ben Silverman, director of research at the web site that tracks trading action, said insiders are selling at their most aggressive clip since the summer of 2007.

Silverman said the “orgy of selling” is noteworthy because corporate insiders were aggressive buyers of the market’s spring dip. The S&P 500 dropped as low as 666 in early March before the recent rally took it back above 1,000.

“That was a great call,” Silverman said. “They were buying when prices were low, so it makes sense to look at what they’re doing now that prices are higher.”

Straightforward trading
In the case of firms such as discount broker TD Ameritrade (AMTD), they are selling with abandon. Chairman Joe Moglia has netted more than $10 million in profits from stock sales since April, by selling shares on each of the last 106 business days, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

0:00 /4:07The stock market’s lost decade
A TD Ameritrade spokeswoman said Moglia’s sales are being made under a pre-arranged selling plan he filed with the SEC last August. Under that plan, his brokers exercise some options he got eight years ago and sell the underlying shares every day the company’s stock price is above a certain level.

Moglia’s not the only insider selling at TD Ameritrade. The company’s founder and former chairman, Joe Ricketts, and his wife Marlene last month sold 5.7 million shares to help fund the family’s purchase of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. They owned 16% of the company’s stock at last count.

Silverman said the TD Ameritrade insider sales don’t particularly raise concerns about the company’s health, because “special circumstances” — the Cubs deal and the pending expiration of Moglia’s options — are evident.

He said it’s potentially more worrisome when insiders suddenly make big sales without obvious motivating factors.

Fossil (FOSL) CEO Tom Kartsotis has sold $25 million of the watchmaker’s stock over the past month. Shares of Fossil have more than doubled since early March. Fossil didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

At video game maker Activision Blizzard (ATVI), CEO Robert Kotick and director Brian Kelly each made more than $10 million last month by selling shares after exercising stock options.

While some of Kotick’s options were due to expire next year, others weren’t due to expire until 2014 in his case and 2012 in Kelly’s. The stock sales took place at prices that were about 50% above their 52-week low. Activision didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Adding to the flurry of stock sales, companies are selling stock to the public at a brisk clip while buybacks have tailed off. All told, U.S. corporations have been net sellers of $105 billion of stock over the past four months, Biderman said.

Insiders have managed to cash in on some of those offerings. Healthcare payment administrator Emdeon (EM), for instance, last month raised $155 million in an initial public offering. At the same time, selling shareholders led by private equity investor General Atlantic Partners raised $188 million.

Though the wave of selling by insiders doesn’t necessarily predict a pullback in their stocks or the market as a whole, it’s hard to put a happy spin on the recent trends.

“The disparity between buyers and sellers right now is vast,” said Silverman. “That’s the beauty of following insider trading — these guys are talking with their checkbooks.”

First Published: September 10, 2009: 2:36 PM ET”——————–AND————————–“US gold rises above $1,010 on dollar deterioration
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Market News
Big mood shift seen in year after Lehman
Wall Street slips after 5-day rally as oil weighs
Gold jumps 1 percent, closes above $1,000 an ounce
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NEW YORK, Sept 11 (Reuters) – U.S. gold futures broke above
$1,010 an ounce on Friday, reaching their highest level since
February, as a steadily weakening dollar increased the status
of bullion as an alternative investment. For the latest detailed report, click on [GOL/]. GOLD * December gold GCZ9 up $13.80, or 1.4 percent, at
$1,010.60 an ounce at 10:26 a.m. EDT (1426 GMT) on the COMEX
division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. * Ranged from $996.30 to $1,013.70, which marked the
highest level since Feb. 20. * The U.S. dollar fell to a one-year low against major
currencies as optimism about the outlook for the global economy
encouraged investors to favor higher yielding currencies and
stocks instead of the safety of the greenback. [USD/] * Gold continues its steady upward move, helped by
technical buying, stronger euro and crude oil rally – George
Gero, vice president of RBC Capital Markets Global Futures. * COMEX gold open interest continues to expand, signaling
strong investment demand from funds – Gero. * COMEX estimated 9 a.m. volume at 47,223 lots. * Gold/oil ratio at 13.96, down from the previous session’s
13.89. * Spot gold XAU= at $1,007.90 an ounce, against $995.50
in the previous session in New York. * London afternoon gold fix XAUFIX= was at $1,008.25 an
ounce. SILVER * December silver SIZ9 tracked gold to climb above $17 an
ounce earlier in the session. It was up 22 cents, or 1.3
percent, at $16.890 an ounce on strong investment demand. * Silver futures recently have outperformed gold, helped by
better economic sentiment. Usually less-liquid silver has the
characteristics of both precious and industrial metals. * Ranged from $16.645 to $17.015 an ounce. * COMEX estimated 9 a.m. volume at 11,137 lots. * Spot silver XAG= at $16.86 an ounce, versus its
previous close of $16.68. * London silver fix XAGFIX= was at $16.89 an ounce. PLATINUM * October platinum PLV9 up $27.60, or 2.1 percent, at
$1,317.30 an ounce as signs of economic recovery helped
platinum’s appeal as both an industrial and precious metal. * Spot platinum XPT= at $1,307.50 an ounce against
$1,284. PALLADIUM * December palladium PAZ9 up $2.55 to $296 an ounce,
tracking platinum. * Spot palladium XPD= at $293.50 an ounce, against its
previous finish of $288.50.
Prices at 10:26 a.m. EDT (1426 GMT) Last Change Pct 2008 YTD Chg Close % Chg
US gold GCZ9 1010.50 13.70 1.4 884.30 14.3
US silver SIZ9 16.910 0.240 1.4 11.295 49.7
US platinum PLV9 1321.10 31.40 2.4 941.50 40.3
US palladium PAZ9 296.00 2.55 0.9 188.70 56.9
Gold XAU= 1008.60 13.10 1.3 878.200 14.8
Silver XAG= 16.87 0.19 1.1 11.30 49.3
Platinum XPT= 1310.50 26.50 2.1 924.50 41.8
Palladium XPD= 293.00 4.50 1.6 184.50 58.8
Gold Fix XAUFIX= 1008.25 17.50 1.8 836.50 20.5
Silver Fix XAGFIX= 16.890 0.800 5.0 14.760 14.4
Platinum Fix XPTFIX= 1279.00 0.00 0.0 1529.00 -16.4
Palladium Fix XPDFIX= 290.00 0.00 0.0 365.00 -20.5
(Reporting by Frank Tang; Editing by Marguerita Choy)”.


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